Creditors’ Rights & Bankruptcy

Our firm understands that businesses and lenders need to recoup bad debt whenever possible. We will work to collect the money owed to you through a negotiated agreement or money judgment and handle all the details from repossession/replevin to writs of attachment and garnishments to judicial or power of sale foreclosures.

We also represent creditors when customers or borrowers declare bankruptcy. Call on us for assistance with Chapter 7 and 13 (individual debtor) or Chapter 11 and 12 (debtor restructuring) cases; let us manage the details for you, up to and including complex litigation before the bankruptcy courts.

In the modern business climate, issues with collections will always be an unfortunate part of the operation of your business whether it is as simple as money owed on an account or a business debtor with several secured assets. At Graves Smith Attorneys, we are here to advise and assist you in each case and are mindful of the additional business costs associated with these matters.

If you have a problem with collecting money that is owed to you, or if someone who owes you money has declared bankruptcy, please contact one of our experienced attorneys to discuss how our firm may be able to assist you.